Comments made by visitors to the Parish Appraisal exhibition held at the school on 6-7th March

Now that we have completed our parish appraisal the Parish Council is now considering ways in which some of the important issues you highlighted could be turned into an action plan. We will endeavour to see whether an Youth Club/café and Neighbourhood Watch cannot be restarted in the parish. We had 66 written comments left by the 250 or so visitors to the appraisal exhibition. I thought it might interest you all to get a flavour of what people are thinking about now. These comments won’t supplant the original survey but they do help to re-emphasise some of the issues you raised in 2001. I have attempted to divide them into the groups related to the most important topics.


  • Speed cameras please, or police to enforce speed limits.
  • Speed control on Crowmarsh Hill. Roundabout at the end of Benson Lane for SODC and HR.
  • Repair of footpaths around Thames Mead estate. + Safe crossing across The Street but not opposite the church because of cutting down parking spaces i.e. bus stop at end of Thames Mead. + Lights at mini roundabout (very unsafe). + Sustrans cycle way is a dangerous joke, especially over the bridge.
  • 30 mph camera signs on The Street. + Extend children’s playground area in Crowmarsh. Plenty of room for it.
  • Cycle racks in Crowmarsh/Wallingford so I can cycle to work.
  • North Stoke speed restrictions are rarely observed. I walk up the road (and back) daily – drivers ignore 30 mph limits. Very dangerous!
  • 30 mph warning signs along The Street.
    PLEASE put in a radar speed warning sign on the A4074 as you approach Cox’s Lane and the roundabout.
  • A4074 from Crowmarsh Gifford roundabout to Cox’s Lane – traffic noise and speed. Please put a speed camera here.
  • A4074 too busy – difficult turning out of Cox’s Lane in mornings and turning right to School.
  • Speed cameras, traffic lights or footbridge.
  • We could do with a crossing somewhere along The Street. When you cross the road by the mini-roundabout from Benson Lane to The Queens Head you cannot see what is coming until you are in the road. Traffic goes too fast through the village.
  • Hopefully some notice will be taken of the views expressed, by Parish Council, SODC and OCC and the work put into this project is rewarded by action. Perhaps the OCC and SODC will take steps to remedy the traffic problem as they seem to have done in other villages.
  • In 8 years of living here I have lost 2 cats to road traffic accidents. Whilst I accept we cannot ‘control’ cats I do believe we can deter cars in many ways to travel more slowly. I recently drove through a village where every 50 yards there was a sign requesting one to be aware of speed, interspersed with pics of animals and children, finally finishing with a striking pic of children with animals saying Thank You! It had the desired effect – I was aware of my speed and later felt gratified with the final pic together with the thanks! And just like Crowmarsh Gifford it was one main road. SURELY this can be done? I’d be willing to help in any way. PS Cholsey has several signs as you approach it.
  • The main need, although difficult to achieve, is safer ways for cyclists.
  • The village needs a pedestrian crossing near to the shop.
  • Speed control on The Street between the main road and the Benson Lane roundabout (the Hungry Horse stretch), before someone gets killed.
  • Get 30 mph radar speed warning signs at the entrances to the village at the roundabout and the bridge
  • Could we have the electronic “smiley faces” speed reminders on The Street before the mini roundabout opposite The Queens Head.
  • A zebra crossing by the shop / PO.


  • Skateboard park NOT near local housing. Children love it – but it is very wearing on the nerves for adults!
  • Create a play area for the children in/around Park View.
  • Tennis courts – annual charge per family, say £10.
  • Please make more entertainment for young people such as youth clubs etc. More play areas for our children at Park View
  • Keep pools open and improve facilities.
  • I would like better netball post in the recreation grounds.
  • Find an area for a skate board ramp (right hand corner of car park, adjacent to end of Wilders, far away from river).
  • Tennis courts equipment for hire.
  • Some winter use of Riverside Park - current observations suggest a skate board area is needed somewhere!
  • Please could we expand the play area to include things more suitable for babies / toddlers – especially swings and perhaps a smaller slide.
  • Facilities /Youth Club for young people would seem to be very important and with the interest generated by survey and exhibition, a possibility


  • Relocate Jewsons – into site currently the subject of planning applications for housing. + Double yellow lines in south bus shelter on The Street to allow buses to park nearby the pavement. +More footpaths in adjacent country with all-weather surfaces for winter walking.
  • Jewsons to tidy frontage.
  • Jewson’s to move to Wilder’s Yard site (easier access), allowing space for extra housing. + Ensure that all new housing has space for at least 2 cars.
  • Could Jewson’s move to Wilders Yard site? And free up Jewson’s site for housing?? + 2 ticks.
  • Jewsons – not good neighbours. From 5.30 am – 5.00 pm noise and confusion to traffic and pedestrians alike.
  • Jewson should remove to Hithercroft and site used for housing.+ ‘ Yes!’
  • Since working at SODC offices I have found it would be very useful to have a street lamp in the lane which runs from Benson Lane (near bus stop) up to the recreation ground.
  • Check on number of caravans being stored on allotment land. An upper limit was agreed. The “Toilet Block” in enormous! + Investigate why we get hundreds of flies in our houses in the summer. + Cars parked on the pavement in Thames Mead do not leave room for pedestrians. + Prevent any development in the meadows along the river.
  • Resurface the road in Park View please.
  • Any chance of making the path on The Street wider between the roundabout and the school?
  • More attention needs to be made regarding the parking in the road around Newnham Green at school times. Children have been seen running out in front of badly parked cars; we are concerned about the safety of these children when other drivers do not see them until they are up close.
  • Tidy Wilders Yard – relocate to Hithercroft. + Ask farmer not to spray his fields – especially at weekends.

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